New Guitar Journey dates:

May 20th The Stables, Wavendon
Sept 21st  The Forge, Basingstoke
Oct 13th Zeffirelli’s, Ambleside, Cumbria
Oct 14th Glasgow – 2 pm
Oct 14th Dunfermline (Carnegie Hall) – 7 pm



Video – Two Smiles


27th November 1 – 2pm
Verdi, The Royal Albert Hall

Juliet Kelly Duo @ Baltic – October 18th


Amber Lights – Tour and CD “Ibericos” 

This is a Portuguese based (apart from me) quartet, many of the tracks are composed by myself and arranged by the quartet together in an organic way.  The music is largely influenced by the landscape, culture, music and friendship of Spain and Portugal, It sounds quite relaxed and sunny.


I don’t even have the CD myself but if you put in an order I’ll see what i can do to get you one for £10 plus postage.

Amber Lights are:

Jonny Phillips – Guitar
Bruno Margalho – Sax
Andre Rosinha – Bass
Alexandre Alves – Drums

Nearly every year I play in both Portugal and Spain, this year is no exception:

Amber Lights Portuguese tour

amber lights b&w





Amber Lights – Portuguese Tour
Bruno Margalho – Alto Sax
Andre Rosinha – Bass
Alejandre Alves – Drums
Jonny Phillips – Guitar
July 8-Velha Senhora
9-Duetos da Se
10-Clube Ferroviario
11-Gato Gineta(a.cultural,sintra)
14-Hot clube de Portugal
16-Cafe Tati
18-Braco de Prata


Jonny Phillips/ John Crawford Duo

Latin & Flamenco Jazz

Verdi, The Royal Albert Hall

May 22nd

It’s free!


Oriole will be playing some new material

The Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London

on Saturday 16th May, 2015 | 8:00pm – 11:00pm

11 Gillett Square,
N16 8AZ


Jonny Phillips, John Crawford, Andy Hamil / Andres Ticino 

Latin & Flamenco Jazz

The Crooked Well, Camberwell, London

Sun 24th May, Bank holiday weekend

7.00 pm

It’s free!


Jonny Phillips/ John Crawford Duo

Latin & Flamenco Jazz

The Crooked Well, Camberwell, London

Nov 30th

7.00 pm

It’s free!


 New Oriole Live Reviews

Oriole – Every New Day – Live

BBC Music – “Oriole are an exceptional jazz band. Not only are all the musicians of superb quality but the music itself is completely unlike the recent trend in jazz”

TheJazzMann – “A fascinating hybrid of jazz, folk and Latin influences”


Oriole/Basquiat Strings Tour  – May 2013


Jonny Phillips – Bruno Magualho Duo

– Lisbon and Sintra – 8 -10 Feb

– See below..

portugal 1 portugal 2



LONDON: Vortex
MON 4TH FEB, 2013 8.00pm

Two duos built around the wide-ranging, imaginative and melodic piano playing of Dorian Ford.

Carol Grimes is a legendary singer, much loved and with a pedigree back to working with Cream and the Yardbirds in the 60s, with a soulful voice that pierces the emotions. Dorian has been collaborator in playing and writing for many years.

Guitarist Jonny Phillips leads the much-loved Oriole. In his duo with Dorian, they investigate the jazz heritage of Jarrett and Bill Evans, while leavening it with Mediterranean and Brazilian music.



Bertha – from the Oriole album “Every New Day”

Oriole – Every New Day – Reviews coming in click here

A Little Preview of the new Oriole album

This track is called Levante


Every New Day – Press Release

Click here

Album Launch

Oriole – Every New Day

April 24th – The Vortex – London











Idris Rahman – Sax
Ben Davis – Cello
Nick Ramm – Piano
Ruth Goller – Bass
Jonny Phillips – Acoustic Guitar
Seb Rochford – Drums
Adriano Adewale – Percussion

Jonny Phillips & Dorian Ford Duo


Seb Rochford & Kit Downes Duo

Thursday 6 | 8.30pm | £8 | The Vortex Jazz Club – London

Thanks to everyone who came to this. There is a short video below, its bad quality, in-fact it actually looks like we are in a vortex for real! Seb Rochford played with us on this track entitled Sierva Maria.


A rare opportunity to hear myself and pianist Dorian Ford step out of our usual roles to explore the music of the masters such as Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett alongside noir-like originals.
Dorian is an incredible talent not to be missed.


“Good Times”  (represented by – Lift Music)

New Retro Lounge Library Classics by Joe Leach and Jonny Phillips

“Good Times” the first album  by Das Hoot now on iTunes. Featuring the funtastic Kitty La Roar (Vocals), Pete Long (Contrabass sax), Simon Finch & Damon Brown (Trumpet), Jamie Anderson (Tenor sax), Jonny Phillips & Little Barry (Guitar), Jim Watson & Gary Moberley (Hammond), Oren Marshal (Tuba), Ian Tripp & Pete Exford (Percussion), Rob Mullarkey & Simon Little  (Bass), Mark Fletcher (Drums), Joe Leach (Piano and Analogue Synths ). Compositions by Joe Leach and Jonny Phillips.


Das Hoot - Good Times


As seen on TV.



Oriole – Live at Kings Place


[col-sect]Photo by Roger Thomas (Click here for Rogers review on the London Jazz Blog)


John Fordham
guardian.co.uk, Monday 30 May 2011

“The closing night took in a workshop for founder Barak Schmool’s Royal Academy students, Bates’s Beloved Bird Trio, and world-music guitarist Jonny Phillips’s Oriole, playing the cinematic sonic-travelogue from the group’s upcoming Every New Day album.
The F-ire philosophy was at the core of Phillips’s show. An evolving relationship between Schmool on congas and Bosco de Oliveira on drums furnished absorbing contrasts: with the lyrical and softly propulsive sound of the leader’s acoustic guitar; with a texture-rich lineup including the imaginative cellist Ben Davis and powerful tenor saxist Idris Rahman. Glowering Spanish harmonies, rhythmically devious sambas and broad-horizon ruminations characterised Phillips’s atmospherically songlike music, and its periodic jazz diversions sharpened the edges.”

Oriole will soon to releasing there long awaited
third album “Every New Day” on F-ire Recorded music.
Expect highly visual music
celebrating the power of people, places,
travels and moments in time that
will stay with you long after they have past.

Coming soon……[/col-sect]