Ingrid Laubrock – Sax
Idris Rahman – Sax
Ben Davis – Cello
Nick Ramm – Keys
Sebastian Rochford – Drums
Adriano Adewale – Percussion
Ruth Goller – Bass
Jonny Phillips – Guitar/Composition

Soaring melodies, colourful
South American folklore,
lively dances and emotional ballads of longing.
A world of freedom, of movement, of dusty roads
and traveling musicians in shaded market squares.

“Quietly intense, beguilingly
beautiful and full of pleasingly robust tunes
that stay with you long after you hear them. ” TimeOut

“Good Times”  (represented by – Lift Music)

New Retro Lounge Library Classics by Joe Leach and Jonny Phillips

“Good Times” the first album  by Das Hoot now on iTunes. Featuring the funtastic Kitty La Roar (Vocals), Pete Long (Contrabass sax), Simon Finch & Damon Brown (Trumpet), Jamie Anderson (Tenor sax), Jonny Phillips & Little Barry (Guitar), Jim Watson & Gary Moberley (Hammond), Oren Marshal (Tuba), Ian Tripp & Pete Exford (Percussion), Rob Mullarkey & Simon Little  (Bass), Mark Fletcher (Drums), Joe Leach (Piano and Analogue Synths ). Compositions by Joe Leach and Jonny Phillips.

Between Two Worlds
Brazilian Jazz

Renato D’aiello – Sax
Jonny Phillips – Guitar
Carlos Fuentes – Percussion

Renato D’aeillo –
one of the
most emotional
musicians in london.

The trio also
features Carlos Fuentes
from Chilli.

Cuarteto de Colores

Jonny Phillips – Guitar
Sonia Slaney – Violin
Mark Hodgson – Double Bass
Paul Clarvis – Drums